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A digital-first, mobile-first world has changed the way people keep in touch, work, and collaborate – forever.

Today’s end-user computing landscape is unrecognisable from the desktop and laptop environments of the past. Workspaces of tomorrow have shaped the world of working – and the benefits for users, business, and IT can enable future greatness.

Workplace transformation, mobility, flexibility, dynamic business models – all have shaped end-user computing to make smarter working a reality - anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Switching on productivity in the digital world

End-user computing needs to deliver greater flexibility, increased productivity, and better staff engagement – and all at lower cost. But how do your IT and business teams support the new world of working? How do you match your end-user roadmap to your ambitions as a business?


Rich insights to empower your end-user computing strategy

Dimension Data has gained valuable insights through working with top global clients in the domain of end-user computing over the past five years.

Our report delivers these insights to your business – so you can benchmark your journey and take the next steps in end-user computing with confidence.

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